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SD running on Leopard and Sparse Image Compression

I am running SD 2.1.4 on a Leopard upgrade on a couple different boxes. Call me crazy, but the scheduled Smart Update is running every night. I push the the backups to a NAS. I am able to mount the Sparse Image SD creates. I have not however tried to fully restore a bootable version. But, for now, at least my data is still available. No kidding.
I do have a question for the group regarding the Sparse Image compression. As everyone knows, the Sparse Image does not compress itself and will just keep growing. I did have an automator script running after my nightly SD backup that called this shell script: hdiutil compact "$@"

With Leopard, I get the global, vague, windoze like error, "The action "Run Shell Script" has encountered an error". Geez... now that points me in the right direction for a solve.
Does anyone have a better Sparse Image compression solution?
Will there be one built into the new version of SD.

Am I still nuts due to the fact my Super Duper version is running just fine? From what I can tell anyway......
Sure I had to reenter passcodes for SD after the Leopard upgrade, but it seems to be running fine. I welcome the opportunity to hear from other that have the app SD running on a Leopard install.
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