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best way to upgrade a working HDD


I have a perfectly working HDD in a MBP on OSX Lion, with FV2 enabled.

I want to replace the drive with a newer, bigger faster drive and use SD to clone the original drive, including the recovery volume.

It seems one obvious way to do this would be to perform an SD backup, then restore to the new drive. However, I'm thinking that it should also be possible to use SD to backup to the new drive, thus saving a recovery step.

I have a Firewire to SATA connector to attach the new drive to the MBP.

My plan is to attach the new drive, leave it unencrypted at this point, and use SD to backup to the new drive.

Then replace the internal drive with the newly created SD drive and then enable FV2.

Is this the best way to do this?

What happens to the recovery partition? If it's lost is there a way to recreate it? (I have already made a OSX Lion install disk...perhaps there's a way to use that to create a recovery partition?)

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