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Hanging ....


I backed up my emac OSX 10.3.9 fully to a Lacie 250 Gig firewire drive. Something went amiss with my internal hard drive, and all of my applications are acting as though I am a first time user.

When I start up from the firewire drive, I can access my documents which do not appear on the hard drive any longer.

So I tried an Archive and Install to be safe, and then I tried to use Super Duper to "copy different" from the Fireiwre back onto the internal because I had been editing and saving all documents on the Firewire, and those were the items I wanted to keep. I let it run for 4 hours and 45 minutes last night, but after about the first hour, the numbers didn't change. I stopped and tried again, and it was just hanging earlier in the process.

Firevault is off, although when I backed up the first time, firevault was on. Sleep mode is off.

My internal drive will no longer boot up for some reason ...
Do I need to clean install to get this to work?

I am new at this whole situation but I need my computer for work purposes so losing anything is no good. My Itunes and Iphoto libraries are on DVDs as well.

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