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nas / sparseimage questions

hi. i'm planning on buying a Linksys NSLU2 network attached storage device for use with superduper. i'm aware that you must use the sparseimage format if you are planning on backing up accross a network. my questions are:

is there any reason to buy a larger drive for the nas than is needed to create the image of the drive that will be the source of the backup? i seem to remember from earlier superduper versions that while processing the program requires additional drive space to create the image.

as i know the initial backup accross the network is very slow, i was wondering if i could attach the target drive directly to the source computer via usb for the first backup. after that, i would put it on the nas for the "smart backup" updates. is that possible?

sorry if this is covered in the faqs. i didn't see it. thanks.

- josh
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