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Odd size issue...

Ok here is my odd issue...

I have a 160gig secondary internal harddrive with 140gigs used. I bought a 200gig USB2.0 HD to backup my internal to so I could start the new year with a blanke slate.

Now I ran SuperDuper! yesterday and it took pretty much ALL day to work, in fact when I left work after my normal 10 hour day :P it was still running. I came in this morning and my computer was locked up. So after a hardreboot I go to check the drive and it has all the files a-z plus the files work and everything seems to be fine...except that there is only 50gigs used when my internal has 140gigs used. What are the reasons this might be happening? how can I compare the drives files to each other to see if everything is in sync? I formatted the external with OSX Extended just like the internal.

Wonderful product you have here by the way, I looked at CCC and a syncup and a few others and still liked SuperDuper! the best. Keep up the good work.

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