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Looking through the logs, it is always about 4-5 seconds after trying to unmount the target backup disk (and failing) that an 'rm: ... operation not permitted' error appears in the log files.

It is always on a different file that this error occurs, and always when I rerun the same script for a second time it will work without failing. This must be because most of the files are already erased by that point and so whilst it does still complain about not being able to unmount the target drive, it manages to complete the slow erase. So maybe it is like you say and the OS does finally start to unmount the disk, only 4-5 second after it said it couldn't.

I wonder if you could test by telling SuperDuper to sleep for 10 seconds after it tries unmounting?

Anyway, let me know what transcript file I need to change and I'll try the force eject method.


P.S. I take it then, that the default behaviour for the erase & copy and backup is to unmount the drive and then just erase the entire disk?
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