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not ejecting sparse image after backup


First off - love 2.0. The fact that scheduling multiple backups at the same time makes them run back-to-back is absolutely amazing and makes the backup far more efficient than I had it before with iCal and whatnot.

Okay, the problem.

In the manual it says if you create a sparse image within SuperDuper! as destination, in the future it automatically connects, mounts, and ejects after backup. The first two are working for me, as before 2.0, but the app doesn't eject the image afterwards.

Is this perhaps because I am using pre-existing sparse images that were made before 2.0 with DiskUtility, so the app isn't "latching on" to them as such? As it is, people come into work in the morning and find the sparse image mounted. It's messy, and there's always the risk that someone might be completely careless and start working on the sparse image.

Any ideas? I want to keep the sparse images I already have, and not make new ones (which I presume would fix the problem, if the manual is correct).

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