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How to Have SD and Time Machine on same External HD?


I'm about to upgrade from my trusty old iMac G4 to a brand new iMac 21.5 inch with 1 TB internal HD. I'll be going from PPC Tiger to Intel Snow Leopard. I haven't yet decided whether to do a pure manual migration of files and reinstallation of software or to give Migration Assistant a try. I've read lots of mixed opinions. Currently I have a full bootable backup of my Tiger installation on an external HD which I maintain of course with SD.

Another question or two:

--What size new peripheral HD should I buy? I want to continue to keep a bootable clone with SD and also want to use Time Machine.

--Do I need to partition the new external and use one partition for SD and one for Time Machine? I think I've seen reference to being able to do this with one partition but I don't know how. Does this mean I'd need a 2 TB external to keep both SD and Time Machine on it?

--Whick backup should I do first on the external HD? Should I clone my new internal drive to it or should I let Time Machine do its thing first?

Thanks very much for any and all suggestions!

Steve M.
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