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Can't find files on SuperDuper! Clone

- macOS Catalina 10.15.5
- SuperDuper! 3.3.1 v121
- MacBookPro 16-inch, 2019
- External SSD disk: Samsung T5, 1 TB, APFS formatted with DiskUtlity

Opening SuperDuper I can select Copy Macintosh HD [1 TB] to Samsung T5 SSD 1TB

SuperDuper runs and finishes all green. But now when I look into the disk in Finder there's only empty folders. So directories Applications Library, System, Users. etc. all empty, no files inside.

If I look in Disk Utility with the same disk attached, I see 2 volumes:
Samsung Portable SSD T5 Media
- Container disk3
- - Samsung T5 SSD 1 TB
- - Samsung T5 SSD 1 TB - Data

Besides I see my internal disk as
- Container disk1
- - Macintosh HD
- - Macintosh HD - Data

So I'm not sure why I can't see the files in the finder, but my idea is that it has something to do with Catalina having split the HD into 2 separate volumes.

But in the finder when attaching the External disk I only see one volume.

However when I eject this one volume a prompt asks me if I want to eject both volumes.

So how do I make a correct clone with SuperDuper, so that I can find and use the files on the clone?
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