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Step-by-step process to copy single directory

First of all, I've read the posts about copying a SINGLE directory on one drive to an image file on another drive and I still cannot get it to work.

As an example here's my scenario. ...

I keep a directory of files on a separate drive partition. I wish to backup this entire directory. My volume is named MG_Media and the directory I wish to backup is called Documents/Word. I wish to save this to an image file on drive MG_Backups under directory MyImages and name this image file as MG_Media_Wordbak.

So I opened SuperDuper and setup Copy to MG_Media and the target as MG_Media_Wordbak under my MG_Backups volume in directory MyImages. I then choose to "New Copy Script" to make a new script file and under "Included Scripts" I selected "Exclude all files.dset" and then I added "Backup - all files.dset" and under "Script Commands" for this I selected the volume and directory I wanted (/Volumes/MG_Media/Documents/Word) and change "ignore" to "copy".

But then it crashes saying it failed to copy files from MG_Media to MG_Media_Wordbak. So, in a nutshell, please spell out the exact steps I need to copy a subdirectory from one volume to an image file on another volume. Also, why does such a simple task have to be so complicated?

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