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Question backup always freeze at 8.70gb!!!!

i have a firewire enclosure with the WestDigit 320GB IDE, I have partition it with 3 partitions: 80GB HFS+ for my MB bootable backup. and 20Gb FAT32 for WinXP and the left for HFS+ for storage.

i always used the external harddisk with the 1394 connected. And i want to copy the OSX 10.4.8 from the external to the internal harddisk. so i boot from the external and start the SD, choose the back all files and smart update the superduper freeze at the copying files and the external harddisk light always showing it is reading , and always stock at the 8.70gb files copyed. Even i try to back the firewire System to the other Partition of my external as a disk image it still freeze at 8.70GB. what can i do? Baddly , my internal disk cant boot any more when i forece restart the MB when the SD freeze.
Any ideas about that??

thanks a lot for reading this
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