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Smart Update of External HD individual folders

Ok, I am a new user of SD and love it so far. I was hoping it could do more for me, just don't know how.

I have only a 150GB internal drive so my 30GB iTunes Music folder is kept in an external HD (for purposes of sharing among users). Since the iTunes Music folder is updated frequently, is there a way to do an individual folder clone initially, followed by a Smart Update at a later time?? Was hoping to do this to my 100GB iPhoto external folder as well.

Is there a way to clone a single folder from an external HD and use Smart Update? Or do I have to create a partition, put one folder there and clone that partition (with a possibility to use Smart Update)?

All of this HDs are driving me crazy...
1 150GB internal (no partitions),
1 250GB external (no partitions)
1 250GB external (with 150GB partition for Clone and 80GB partition for other backups)

Maybe my solution should be to get a 650GB external drive partition it 3 ways and clone all my HD fully, then use Smart Update
Is that too many eggs in one basket?

Thanks for your help is this crazy world.
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