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sparseimage for 10.5?

Where is the post about the specific incompatibilities with 10.5?

The reason I ask is I've made a backup to a secure sparse.image file. I was able to install 10.5 and restore back to 10.4.10.

Later, I did a clean/install. I mounted my sparseimage and used that volume with the Migration Assistant and it worked great.

I also made a backup to a new sparseimage under 10.5 but I could not, when going back to 10.4.10 use that image.


Under 10.5 things seem to work fine.
Under 10.4.10, things work unless my image file was created with 10.5.

Is that the only incompatibility?

I'm trying to update a sparseimage from 10.5 that was created with 10.4.10. I may have to create a new image file for 10.5 to use? It's in the copy stage now so it seems to be working.

I'd just like to know how much I'm "working without a net".


Look forward to the new update. Take your time. I'm sure it will be ready in the new couple of weeks or so. No pressure. <just kidding>
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