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SuperDuper! and Folder Actions

Dave ....

Do you know of any reason SD might hang upon launch when folder actions are enabled? Here's the story. I've been using Macs for some 25 years now and have never encountered a virus/trojan (even in the Hypercard trojan days). However, with recent events of Flashback and other malware, I decided to test out enabling folder actions and attaching new item alert scripts to my launch agent and launch daemon folders. Here is my system info: Mac Mini (2.53 C2D, 10.6.8, 8GB RAM, very fast 7200 WD Scorpio Black HD). Immediately after setting up the folder actions, launching SD would result in a hang of 11 - 12 seconds (normally, SD launches immediately and is ready to use). After smart update is completed, if I just quit .... SD quits immediately. If, however, I click on the OK button after completion, there would be another hang. Removing the folder action scripts and disabling folder actions and everything is back to normal. There was nothing in the logs to explain this. While not a major problem, as this did not affect (as far as I can tell) back-up functioning .... I can't figure out the hang.
Dennis in PA
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