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How can a startup volume faithfully back up itself?

How can a startup volume faithfully back up itself? Isn't this exactly like taking a picture of someone while they're moving? The picture blurs = the backup cannot possibly represent the state of the system at any particular instant.

I believe that one generally "gets away" with this, but I don't understand why. As a mathematician, I'm constantly confronting the principle "Lack of imagination isn't a proof of anything". So the fact that I can't imagine specifically what should go wrong when a volume backs itself up, doesn't impress me. I still worry.

I've been booting into an aux partition, then running an Applescript which calls SuperDuper! for each partition I want backed up. I've been thinking of automating the restarts into and out of this aux partition, to make this a "one click" solution as I go to bed.

First, I'd like to see if anyone can convince me that I'm worrying too much! Thanks.
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