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Backups - The Necessary Evil

Here's my "environment".

I have 3 Apple machines - 1 iMac 1.25 G4 and 2 MBPs and several PCs

All Apple machines connect to my home wireless (Linksys WRT54G Router) and I'm happy with the current configuration.

I use the PCs to store backups of the others and don't really use them much any more so they don't figure into my backup strategy.

I have my iMac "backed up" using TimeMachine to a G-drive. I don't have a bootable copy of the machine, which I really feel I DO need to have.

I have a friend that just went through something that I don't ever want to experience and would like to be better prepared.

I have been researching backup software and have seen much about SuperDuper.

My questions are more hardware than software.

If I acquire ONE sizable Firewire drive, can I use it to backup all three Apples? (I wouldn't mind moving the drive around to perform my backups.)

If so, is there a recommended strategy? Should I partition it so each backup resides in its own partition?

Or should I think about buying a firewire drive for each machine?

Or should I consider getting a TimeCapsule and forget about the multiple firewire drives?

What would you do if your were me?

Help would be greatly appreciated.


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