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Using Time Capsule As An External Drive

Dave: I posted a message similar to this on the Apple Forum, but I expect they may delete it: I have spent the entire day trying to delete Time Machine's infamous .inProgress file. None of the suggestions in the Apple forum worked. Finally, in desperation, I deleted the sparse image that Time Machine had built over the past six weeks. Immediately, the .inProgress file became deletable. Given the hassle plus the likelihood that this will happen again, I have decided to shut down Time Machine and wait for software updates that will improve its reliability. I can't afford the time to mess with this kind of nonsense. I had no problem deleting TM because I have a second internal drive with a bootable clone of my main hard drive. SuperDuper! 2.5 is the software and it has saved my bacon many times. As a TM replacement, I'll put a SuperDuper! sparse image on the Time Capsule drive. It isn't the same as the TM image, but it's a useful extra copy of my main hard drive. _Is there any way to partition TC's drive?_

Dave: Although TC is connected to my Mac Pro via gigabit Ethernet, I assume that it's still a network drive and won't support an SD! bootable clone. I further assume that I'll have to use the SD! sparse image. Is this correct? Do you have any comment about partitioning the TC hard drive?
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