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Reinstalling with SuperDuper! backup on external eSATA setup

Greetings.. been using SuperDuper! on a lot of different systems for quite a while and have had great luck, but recently ran into an "issue" of sorts with a box and could use some advice.

I have a G5 PowerMac with two internal 300GB harddrives. I always intended to stripe these into one 600GB harddrive but never got around to it.. while in the meantime I installed a Sonnet eSATA 4+4 PCI Card + Sonnet eSATA enclosure that does not support booting. The enclosure contains two of the exact same 300GB drives the G5 contains, BUT I striped them together into one 600GB drive before using it as a backup.

The problem I have is two-fold. One, I hate having clutter on my desktop and I'd feel a lot better if the two internal harddrives were viewed as one (drive failure / data loss be damned). Second, I hate having to use two separate harddrives to store my data and as a result I've only ever used one of the internal 300GBs and now I'm running out of space. So, I either need to finally bite the bullet and start using the second drive as well, or...

I need to figure out how to wipe and stripe the two internal harddrives using my 10.4 Install DVD and then have a bootable system copied onto these fresh new drives (er, single striped drive) from the external eSATA enclosure that has a Smart Update backup from SuperDuper!

As I can't boot from the external I thought I was screwed, but someone recommend using Terminal to access SuperDuper! on the external.. does any of this make sense? Does anyone have better advice? Am I dumb?

Thanks for any and all help...
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