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FWIW, I asked Western Digital about the Netcenter's file size limitations via their online support system, and they sent me this response:

The limitation would be 8TB according to the Reiser FS info on Wikipedia. So backing up a 100GB sized file would work. However, it will likely take a long time to copy at 5-7 MBps.
However, filesystem support isn't the most critical factor. Generally, most such devices have (or can be formatted to have) filesystems that support large files. But they also need to use a network transfer protocol that supports large files.

As David Nanian points out in his blog entry Network Backup Drive Recommendation, many such devices use an older version of the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) that doesn't support files larger than 2-4GB, although they often also support the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, which does support large files.

The NetCenter uses CIFS (a.k.a. SMB) and NFS, so it doesn't support AFP at all. But like AFP, NFS comes in an older version 2, which only supports files up to 2GB in size, and a newer version 3, which supports much larger files.

In theory, one should be able to use SMB to transfer large files to the NetCenter, but even SMB has had 2GB limit problems, at least with older versions of Retrospect, according to this post. Of course, that doesn't mean SuperDuper! has problems with SMB.

I sent a followup question to Western Digital about what version of NFS they use. I'll post again here when I get a response.
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