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Keeping a USB drive in sync with a NAS - can I do this?

I've been using SuperDuper! to make monthly image copies of my Mac to a Firewire drive. But now I'm wondering if I could use it for another purpose as well ...

I have a USB-attached Western Digital Elements drive that I use to keep all of my image files for working with Lightroom. I also have a network-attached Buffalo quad-drive Linkstation. On the Buffalo NAS I have created several virtual drive partitions using the Buffalo utility, one of which I use to keep a backup copy of the WD drive. It's a pain to try and keep these in sync manually and I was wondering if I could use SuperDuper! for this purpose?

Basically it's keeping the files of a non-bootable USB-attached drive in sync with the files of a virtual drive defined on a quad-drive NAS using a smart update.

Certainly I can just give it a try and see what happens, but a) I don't want to do anything stupid, like accidentally wiping the entire NAS, and b) I'd like advise as to the smartest way to set this up. And maybe there's some other way to keep files in sync that I haven't considered.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.
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