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I may have found the solution....

I double checked all the preferences to make sure the Hard Drive on either machine was not set to go to sleep, etc... no sleep settings.

But....the one preference in the that I normally/previously didn't use in my house is one in Network>Airport Preferences. There is an option to "Use Interference Robustness" After checking that option, everything seems normal with NetTunes operation. Even after laptop is put to sleep the Network panel shows "Reconnecting to server" message and then is connected. This seems to have also solved the sluggishness and hanging.

To test I've been very quickly clicking every area in the iTunes window and all get activated or highlighted in a split second....just like the good ol days.

Maybe a neighbor has some new electronics that was interfering with my wireless network? Nothing on my side has changed and the distance from the laptop to server is less than 20 feet (in another room).

Back to lovin NetTunes!

Cheers, ed
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