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Very Sluggish or Hangs on Tiger

Version 2.3.1

Server: G5 2.3 Dual PPC 5GB RAM, OS: 10.4.11
Client: MacBook Pro 2.33 Intel core 2 Duo 2GB RAM, OS: 10.4.11

When running netTunes it is very typical that after about 5-6 songs, NetTunes either:
a) Has a very slow response time to any client side input. e.g. Clicking on the netTunes/ iTunes window, the servers control window, or even the NT menu bar takes 3-5 seconds.
b) Hangs. Requiring a force quit and reopening NT.

My wireless network has full signal levels. I have yet to have a session of NT not have issues. I use it probably 5 days a week about 1-2 hours each time. When the MPB goes to sleep NT always hangs. Note that the Server is not set to sleep.

I've had NT installed for over 1 year. Maybe this has been happening after version 2.3.1. The first version I installed did not do this at all. forgot which version.

EDIT: 95% of the time I only have Firefox running along with NetTunes.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this? What actions should be taken to remedy this?

Thanks, ed

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