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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Folks - it's a bad idea to post this kind of thing in the forum. There's a "Send to shirt pocket" Button in the log window for a reason! It keeps your log information in a private, rather than a public, space.
I was trying to make things easier for you so you wouldn't have to associate a forum post with attached screenshots with a log file that came in separately...I won't do it again. Sorry.

Anyway, it doesn't show up because that's how Finder works. You can get to it either through the system volume (via its firmlinks) or by using Go To Folder to open /Volumes, and you'll see it there...
Yeah, I know that's how Finder works with Catalina system volumes, but what fooled me was that when I did a Get Info on the volume name after the SD copy, Finder reported only 11GB on the drive, which I figured had to be the size of the system, not system data, volume. After reading your response, I rebooted the laptop, and then Finder reported 200+GB, which is what I would have expected. Must have been a temporary Finder glitch.

Followup question about partitioning an SD target volume in a system backup and another volume. I did it so that both partitions were children of the same APFS container. I know that one can also create separate containers, but those will be fixed size, of course. Is there any reason to prefer one approach over the other?
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