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[QUOTE=dnanian;34211]It seems unlikely that their kext could have this kind of effect on your system. I'm guessing that you can't see the "CANNOT LOCATE" items because you turned off TRIM.

Alas, Cindori support is limited to a relatively inactive forum. Responses to problems are minimal to nonexistent. I posted my problem 2 days ago and there has been no reply so far. . .

I just successfully booted into Safe Mode. I ran a speed test in both Safe Mode and regular boot; both seem to be within a normal range.

Would it be safe to delete the kexts installed by Disk Sensei? If so, must I boot into Safe Mode to accomplish the task?

When I researched my READ/WRITE symptom online one recommendation is to do a NVRAM reset with the idea of using fsck -fy to force TRIM. Obviously, that is not an option in this case. The poor WRITE speed seems to be the only lasting problem. Truth be told, it could be caused by something other than the kexts, say the small amount of free space. I will look into the symptoms to see if any correspond with what I have experienced.

Say I would want to erase the SSD and start over from scratch. . . How would you suggest doing it so I would have gotten rid of the maximum amount of dross while being able install my personal data?

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