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Originally Posted by dnanian
Your apps and OS aren't going to take up much more than 6GB or so.
6GB seems low to me if you're including third party apps. And I think you'd want to add another GB or so for extra swap files. The boot volume (which excludes /Users) on my iMac G5 is already using about 12GB and that's without many of the third party apps that I installed on my eMac. With Developer Tools installed here are sizes of the largest folders:
% cd /; sudo du -chks Applications Developer Library System private usr
4.2G    Applications
1015M   Developer
3.6G    Library
1.5G    System
280M    private
863M    usr
 11G    total
Even without DevTools that would easily exceed 6GB. Sorry if I've misunderstood your reason for choosing that amount, Dave.
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