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Startup Disk Out of Space After Failed Backup to External

I was backing up to an external drive doing normal backups and a couple hours in I had forgotten a backup was in progress and disconnected my laptop not noticing that Super Duper was still running.

I took a nap and when I woke had a "Startup Disk is Full Message". Was thinking this must be Super Duper temp files taking up all the space (100 gigs free, normally) so I rebooted hoping they would clear on to find that there was still only 150mb left and finder and doc won't load on boot.

I've booted to an external and now would like to clean up the temp files on the original hard drive but don't know where to find them if they are even visible. Anyone know how to delete the Super Duper temp cache or any related files that are taking up space after the failed backup?

Any feedback greatly appreciated!

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