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Thanks, Dave.

Per the question on partition size. I guess I wasn't very clear. I was referring to the size of the used space on the Apple HD when it arrives. I would have thought that would be standard with everyones G5 as they would all arrive with the same configuration. That said, I did not know it came with a DVD containing all my HD information so, In that case, I'll 86 the idea of making a clone of the as-shipped configuration. One less thing to do..........

That said, as I have no way of knowing how big my main hard drive is going to get in the future (and most of my work is with Photoshop images which are large) I guess I'll have to get a third external drive. I got a great deal on the internal 320GB drive, that's why I got it. Unfortunately, if I just partition it in half that's only 160GB per partition and will not be big enough to hold the backup.

I guess I'll just use the internal for Safety Clones and the external for regular clones of the whole Apple drive. Is that what'd you'd suggest?

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