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It's (currently) true, but you don't have to write a script

Hi to the both of you!

v2.0 has scheduling built in, and it's very easy to deal with (please see my blog at for lots of information about the new version). But, at present, you need to schedule things manually.

You don't know to know how to script, nor do you *have* to use CronniX.

Instead, follow the steps in Section 12 of the user's guide to save your settings and copy the Daily Backup application from the Extras folder to your Applications folder.

Then, open iCal. Create an event for the time you want to back up, and set the repeat for the repeat frequency you wish. Create an alarm for "0 minutes before" that event that opens a file, and select the "Daily Backup" application as the thing to open.

That's all there is to it! No scripting... and it'll all get easier when we release v2.0 (which will be a free update).

Sound OK?
--Dave Nanian
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