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Follow Up, this time with Knox

I have a similar question. I'm using Knox to maintain a couple of file vaults. When these encrypted vaults are open they appear as disk images. I have stored some key repositories of data in these vaults. For instance, I store the database for an organizational application. So, my question:

If the vault mentioned above is open and mounted and the organizational application that stores its database on that image is running and I backup using SuperDuper, what will be backed up? Will Super Duper just back up the vault FILE, which I assume would be still in the state it was PRIOR to it being mounted, rather than the current contents of that vault in open/unencrypted form?

Basically, if I backup with Super Duper in that scenario and my hard drive dies 5 minutes after the backup is complete, and I need to restore, what will I be left with, in terms of that vault, when I restore?


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