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Boot from Leopard Clone hangs

Hi Everyone

I am new to Superduper so took the precaution to read the instructions carefully, and also your posts, so expected the clone and subsequent boot from it to work perfectly.

Wrong doh!

Let me explain my scenario.
MBP 15 inch with 120GB Hdd
30GB Bootcamp windows partition
LaCie Rugged 120GB External HDD
superduper 2.5

LaCie External Hdd configured with a GUID Partition Table and two equal partitions. First partition being a Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and the second a MS-DOS (FAT).

Successfully cloned the MBP Mac partition to the External Mac OS Partition using "Backup- all files" and "Smart update" on the FW800 connection.

Restart with "Option" key held down and selected the Bootable External icon with the newly cloned OS. All started as expected with the grey screen and the Apple icon in the middle progressing to the spinning ball which is where it seemed to hang with no further progress after 10 minutes or so.

I am sure the boot log would assist with diagnosis but do not know if or where this log is located. Also suspicious that the External Hdd with both a Mac and Windows Fat partition maybe a factor.

would be most grateful for your expert opinions.
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