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Oh, that's great to know!

I just bought a Macbook and I am in the process of switching over from Windows. Your product looks great -- I love the very user-friendly interface ("What will happen" should sweep the software world) and I'm sure I'll buy it.

I have two bus powered Western Digital "Passport" USB drives, an 80 Gb which I use for storing music, and a 120 Gb which I use for backup. I'm about to swap out the 60 Gb drive in the Macbook for a 120 Gb drive.

At the moment I have three tasks ahead of me:

1) Since I have been using the Macbook for a few days and have accumulated some software, changed a lot of settings, etc., I figure it would be easiest to copy the 60 Gb drive which is currently on the Macbook over to one of my WD drives, then copy it back to the Macbook when I have installed the new 120 Gb drive. Can you point me to a thread or document here which will show me how to do that using SuperDuper?

2) Of course I have lots of data on my Windows laptop I need to move to the Mac. I will use the WD drives for that -- even though they are currently formatted NTFS, the Mac will read them, I understand.

3) Once I'm switched over, I'd like to use the WD 120 Gb drive to back up the Macbook. Do you recommend that? On the subject of bootable vs. non-bootable backup, does it really matter for someone like me who is not a computer professional? I wonder if you can also point me to a thread here or document which discusses the pros and cons of each.

Thanks so much for the excellent support and taking the time to answer such basic questions.

Paul D.
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