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dave -

this post has been very helpful to me. since i don't have a background as a system administrator, i was confused by the concept of a sandbox. i think many superduper users are similarly confused. the super duper manual explains how to make a sandbox but it doesn't devote enough space to the explanation of how specifically it is used in a backup strategy. you may want to go into more detail in any future updates to the manual. i plan on updating my backup strategy to include a sandbox soon. thanks once again for your great product and fantastic customer support.

- josh

p.s. a couple of thing that might be of interest to other users:

1) i don't intend to use time machine in my backup strategy. i just don't see how the rare occasion that i would use it justifies the hard drive space or the waste of cpu power necessary to maintain it.

2) in fact, i don't plan on updating to leopard on my dual core g5 at all. the advatages of leopard over tiger are inho outweighed by tiger's ability to run classic. i do like leopard on intel based machines but i've been pleasantly surprised at hell well my g5 continues to work.
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