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Another use for SuperDuper?

Problem: Powerbooks and mini's suffer from a 2.5" hard drive that will never be as fast as a 3.5"

I am thinking that if you used the "safety clone users & apps" option to copy your files to a fast 3.5" drive. You are now loading apps, running the system and doing virtual memory task on the fast drive, while saving all documents and personal files on the powerbook.

I just bought an external monitor for my powerbook. I plan on using it about 70% of the time. Just as if this idea works, I would only be using it 70% of the time. I understand that I would not receive maximum protection from the software, But I am ok with that. Anyhow I just want to speed up the machine at home so I don't have to go and buy a G-5 too. I was thinking about just cloning my drive and running off of the external drive 100% of the time, but my files on the powerbook would never be current.

And from what I understand, If I was to leave my "sandbox" at home and use my machine away, all the same files would be with me except for any new applications that I had installed since last sync?


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