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Problems with Airport disk backup

Hi again,

I'm trying to set up a backup system for two computers using superduper and a seagate freeagent pro attached to an apple airport extreme base station. This is what I've done thus far:

- partitioned the drive into three sections: one for each computer and then a third one for archives/random stuff

- created disk images of each volume I want to back up using SD

- Up until this point everything worked well.

- Then, to test it all, I tried doing an incremental back up with SD. On one computer I got a message that the image could not be mounted. I restarted, same problem. On the other computer, I got a message: "load_hdi: IOHDIXControllerArrivalCallback: timed out waiting for IOKit to finish matching"

So now I'm stuck. Any help to make this work would be greatly appreciated...


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