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worked great! here's my setup:
ibook g4 with an airport card running panther
linksys nslu2 nas running unslung 6.8 beta firmware
my network has the nslu2 connected via ethernet to an airport extreme connected wirelessly to a second airport extreme via wds
i mount the nslu2's western digital drives via samba
since i have plenty of drive space, i opted to create a "dmg" image using disk utility on the nslu2. this worked well, but it took a LONG time. about 10 hours to do a 56GB image. i then used superduper which ran at about 1.09 mb/sec which also took overnight, but that's fine for the initial backup.

the main thing is nothing became unmounted or crashed! i also ran a smart backup just to see how it would work. i have two drives on the nslu2. one is for itunes, etc. and the other is for backup. the itunes drive is normally connected to the g4, so that means that the nslu2 is always logged in. i was VERY HAPPY to see that super duper was able automatically mount the backup drive and dmg image and backup without any intervention from me. this means i should be able to schedule my backups automatically in the future.

thanks, dave. sd rocks and your support is outstanding!

- josh
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