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Originally Posted by DarkskyZ
Well after a few tries I can tell you that it painfully reaches 1.4 MB/s using latest uNSLUng and matching up to date Samba. (tech details : iMac Core Duo GHz / 2GB RAM / 500GB Sata II linked to the 100 MBps NSLU2 by an ASUS WL500G Deluxe running DD-WRT)

The smart update speed means absolutely nothing as it fully depends on the amount of files you have changed on the source and their size.

I really thought the TeraStation would be really faster, I even considered trading my SLUG for one one them. I won't now...
Check out Tom's Hardware. He has reviewed a number of Raid5 NAS units, most of which outperform the Terastation. The terastations hideous speed is because of a design boo-boo. They are doing part of RAID-5 in software, so it is writing sequentially rather than in parallel. There are fixes, but the TS firmware does not use them.

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