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I cloned my TM drive (call it A, and the clone B) last Friday using a PPC Mac mini running 10.5.2 and SD 2.5. Since then, I've moved B to my MBP (running 10.5.1) where I was intending use it for TM backups (instead of A). After noticing some TM errors today, I ran Disk Repair on B and my internal and did not find any errors on either.

Then I noticed ownership issues on B on the new TM backups (since cloning), so I deleted all of the TM backups that were done since the clone and began examining specific troublesome files from the last TM backup *before* the clone operation and found differences between A and B. So, it isn't immediately after the clone, but Disk Utility hasn't reported any errors and TM shouldn't be messing with existing backups (except when it removes them), right? So, it would seem that the problem most likely happened during the clone.

Btw, I do have the SD log from the clone operation ... would you like to see it? Should we take this to e-mail?
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