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Well ... I didn't initially suspect SuperDuper! but now it's looking more likely that it's the culprit.

If I look at the files that are causing trouble in e.g. the 2008-02-15-095136 directory on each of my TM drives they are not identical. So either SD! did not successfully clone it, or something (TM?) messed it up later.

For example, in the original TM backup I have ...

drwxr-xr-x@ 3 ray admin 102 Nov 27 23:26

... in the new one, cloned by SD!, I have ...

-r--r--r--@ 57837 3895334 wheel 0 Oct 27 23:58

I've run SuperDuper a few times since ... would the log for that TM clone it did still be around somewhere?

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