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I'm having a similar issue on my MacBook Pro under 10.5.1. I cloned my Time Machine disk (partition on a Iomega 500 GB FW800) to another drive (NewerTech 500 GB FW400). I also used SD 2.5 with Smart Update to put a clone of my internal drive on the same disk as the new Time Machine clone. I can still do TM backups to the old TM drive with no problems, but with the new TM drive I've been getting a number of -36 errors, like ...

Error: (-36) copying /Applications/-net/-web/ to ...

Both the internal and the new TM drive check out OK with Disk Utility, and SD didn't seem to have any trouble cloning the same files/directories.

Some of my initial attempts to back up to the new drive appeared to work OK, but when looking at them in the Terminal I noticed that the ownership and permissions of the directories at the root level of the backups was incorrect. So I deleted these backups and am trying to start again. (Hmmm, I did use a different machine to do the initial SD clone of my TM backup. Does SD make sure ownership is turned on before doing a clone? And would it matter if the machine used to do the cloning had a different set of uid and gid?)

My current TM backup (in progress at the moment, after deleting all of the TM backups with incorrect ownerships) seems to be much larger than it should be and has already spit out a bunch of these -36 errors.

Does anybody know an easy way to force TM to do a full traversal?
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