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Question Unable to restore using disk utility

hi all.

this is my first attempt to restore from one SD! smart backup (a sparse image) to a brand new hard drive.

i normally backup using SD! from my boot drive to my backup drive (2nd internal HD). i now want to restore the sparse image backup to a new internal HD. problem is i cannot mount the sparse image using disk utility when i boot from the mac os x install cd.

- i have one internal HD with the sparse backup image. this is a backup drive with no system on it.
- i have a second empty HD which is the destination for the restore.
- i'm booting from 10.3 disk utility disk.
- opening disk util.
- there is no menu item to "open disk image"

normally, when i starting up from the boot HD there is "open disk image" command in disk util. and, when i've opened the copy of disk util on the 10.3 mac osx install disk it also shows this command form one of the menus. it seems to disappear when booting off the cd.

so, can someone please explain how to mount the sparse image so i can restore the system to the new hard drive?

thank you for reading this long-winded explanation.

:: m a t t o n e ::
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