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Possible or not - Define a 'folder' as a 'target drive'?

Hello David, hello SuperDuper users.

I worked with SuperDuper (v2.01) using the 'Backup – all files' script.
After this initial backup I used the “Smart Update“ script to keep my SuperDuper image on the external HDD identical to the one in use.

My situation now:

After modifications to the OS (lets say updating to Mac OS 10.4.5) I would rather keep my backup as it is (Mac OS 10.4.4) and just do a 'Smart Update' of certain folders in the users profile.
For that reason I wrote a script that should
-just update a certain folder structure within the already existing image-
created by SuperDuper on the external HDD.

Within a test environment I noticed that the script performed the defined job, but earsed the target before starting the copy job (action: During Copy - Smart Update).
I am aware that this works like designed by definition ;-) (identical to source).

Long story - short qustion at the end:

Is it somehow possible that SuperDuper just updates a folder structure within an existing backup, or in other words:
Is it somehow possible to define a 'folder' within an existing backup as my 'target drive'?

Thanks for your help.

Regards - Marc


Here some additional information regarding my (first selfmade) script:

All files from folder marc_dolfen/Büro on (source) will be copied to folder marc_dolfen/Büro on (target). Also files related to SuperDuper (Copy Scripts) and Safari (Bookmarks) on (source) will be copied to the corresponding folders on (target).

Included scripts:

Script commands:
Ignore: *
Ignore: .*
Copy: Users/marc_dolfen/Documents/Büro
Copy: Users/marc_dolfen/Library/Safari
Copy: Users/marc_dolfen/Library/Application Support/SuperDuper!/Copy Scripts
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