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scheduled Smart Updates are not happening


Scheduled Smart Updates are not happening on two volumes, but are on one volume.

the Smart Update that IS happening is a sparsed image on a partition. The other sparsed image backup on the same partition WAS working, but no longer.

the other scheduled smart update that is not happening is a bootable backup of my startup drive to a separate partition of the above mentioned drive.

everything was working great. but stopped a couple of days ago for two of the Smart Updates. I wonder why.

My schedule window is configured correctly. I have backups scheduled for every day at the same time: 1:30am. The schedule window shows that the two scheduled for 1:30am are the problematic ones, and the one scheduled for 12:30am is the successful one. the log shows that this smart update only took a couple of minutes. THe schedule window shows that all are scheduled for their alloted times, early tomorrow morning.

the right hand popup menu on Super Duper!'s main window lists the sparsed image for one of my sparsed image backups, but not for the other one.

any ideas?

should I have pasted the logs into here?
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