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Will SuperDuper work with Mac OS 10.8, Mountain Lion?


1. Will SuperDuper work with Mac OS 10.8, Mountain Lion?

At around 1 hr or so into WWDC 2012 Keynote Video, Apple talks about Power Nap feature of Mountain Lion, 10.8…

2. I remember hearing that SuperDuper! doesn't like any apps running during Smart Update or any kind of Copy, so does that mean that SD users would have to Disable Power Nap whenever SuperDuper! is running?

3. Can Power Nap be Scheduled in 10.8 so that it doesn't interfere with SuperDuper! and vs.?!

I understand that as of now, 6/13/12 you might still be under NDA as far as 10.8, but I and all my friends who use SuperDuper! can't wait to hear the good news that SuperDuper! will always ROCK right alongside Time Machine and ALL Future Mac OS versions!!!

Here is the latest example of SuperDuper! SAVING THE DAY!!!

A friend of mine was one of those affected Thunderbolt Software Update 1.2, which plaguing MacBook Pros with kernel panics as per MacFixIt - CNET Reviews None of the Solutions in that article worked!!!! Neither did Starting up from SuperDuper! Hard Drive in order to Apply the Combo Update! The Error stated:

Mac OS X Updated Combined can't be installed on this disk. You can only install this software on teh disk that is running Mac OS X.

Luckily, my friend is a SuperDuper! user, and he had a 3 AM SmartUpdate as of that morning, 6/12/12! So I told him to run that Smart Update in Reverse in order to Revert! It WORKED!!! He was able to Smart Update his Internal HD from SuperDuper! Clone!

Let's hope that Apple's Combo Update or whatever will fix that issue, but… If it wasn't for SuperDuper!, my friend would have been on the phone with Apple Care for a while, or worse, had to drive to the Genius Bar with his iMac...! Instead, in about 15 minutes, he was back to normal…

Thanks Dave!
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