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Newbie Restore Question

I have just incorporated SuperDuper into my daily routine. I have a 750GB external drive which I was using exclusively for Time Machine. Following the instructions in the FAQ, I used SD with Smart Update to clone the internal drive of my Mini to the external drive. Thereafter, I successfully booted to the external drive using the SD-created image.

My question is this: in the event that my Mini's internal drive dies and I need to boot from the external and then restore my data to a new drive in the Mini using Disk Utility, my only option appears to be restoring the entire contents of the external drive (i.e. the SD image, plus the TM backup data). The problem is that with both the SD image and the TM on that drive, it would be way to large to restore to the Mini. Right now the data size on the external drive is close to 550 gigs due to the TM backups.

Am I missing something here? Or do I have to start my backup scheme all over, reformat the external drive, create two partitions (one for SD and one for TM). If this IS necessary, it seems contrary to the instructions in the FAQ for using both TM and SD on the same drive.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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