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Multiple Schedules/Multiple Volumes.

I might be missing something, I have not really found a good in depth description of what I am trying to do. Maybe someone can run me step by step with this.

I have three internal volumes, which I am trying to backup to one FW volume. (I am not opposed to partitioning). I have set up the schedules (1 for MWF, one for TT). I have two firewire disks, which are meant to rotate out.

No matter what I set up, it only ever copies the second volume. That's it.

So, here is my setup:

The three source volumes:

And then I have two backup FW disks (for rotation/offsite backups)

Backup1. (MWF)
Backup2. (TT)

Only pod 2 backs up. No matter what I try. I need some help, and I think I am missing something.

So, my question is: what is the best way (step by step) of getting the three internal volumes to back up, on a regular nightly schedule?

Thanks in advance. And, sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere. I like SD alot, and its certainly better than Retrospect. =)
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