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Unhappy Revisiting Latency

I've been using netTunes for a while now, over AirPort between my iBook and my desktop G4, and have been very happy with it. But just in the last week or so, latency has suddenly become a problem. Prior to that, there was no significant latency at all. Now, even with display quality at its lowest setting, there is a several second delay between clicking in the window and seeing a result on the screen. This delay makes actions like scrolling nearly impossible.

I can tell that the latency is not in sending data from the laptop to the desktop, because actions like pausing take effect almost immediately (though the display takes several seconds to reflect the change). Using Konfabulator's CPU Monitor, I can verify that the CPU is not even close to being maxed out, so that shouldn't be the problem either. I checked the older thread on latency here, but didn't find any additional information that seemed to be of help.

The fact that this came up very suddenly suggests that I installed something that is interfering. Are there any known software conflicts between netTunes and any other software?
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