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Backing up Time Capsule to ext. drive connected via Time Capsule

Hi there,
I've read some threads on this topic (and consulted the "Backing up over a Network" in User's Guide and "Airport Disks" on blog), but I'm still having trouble figuring out how to make this work. Note that I use SD for my regular computer backup every week perfectly, so I do have some experience with SD.

Here's the deal: I have my music and photos along with some other "old" files stored on my Time Capsule (which I'm connected to wirelessly) and I'm trying to make a backup of those (just selected folders on the Time Capsule, not my Time Machine backups because I'm already doing that with Super Duper on yet another drive). I purchased a big external hard drive and have it attached to the Time Capsule via the USB hub and am ready to go, but I can't figure out how to get from A to B. When you say in the user's guide "mount the network volume, and then choose Disk Image… from the destination pop-up." I'm not sure how to choose a disk image once I'm connected to the Time Capsule. (Sorry to be so tech-unfriendly). Do I need to make 2 disk images--one for my Time Capsule and one for my new hard drive? And further, do I have to make disk images of each folder I want to copy? Again, sorry about my density on this. Look so forward to getting guidance. Thanks!
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