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duplicate application icons under 'open with'

Hi. SuperDuper is a great program!
But, perhaps it has something do with a problem I've been experiencing under OS 10.4.1... (and earlier OS X's too).

When I go to select an application to 'open with,' using the 'get info,' setting... there are duplicates... sometimes several duplicates of each application under the choices... I went to the Apple Discussion boards and found this post...

which lists another person who has a similar problem who also uses Super Duper, and points to someone else with the same complaint... is this a Super Duper thing, or is it something else, and if it either, does anyone have any clues about what to do about it?

My computer is a PowerBook 12" 1.33 with 1.25gb of RAM and a 60gb 4200 rpm hard drive using OS 10.4.1 and I'm using the latest version of SuperDuper according to the program when I select 'check for upgrade,'
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