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backup over network trys to make new image

When trying to make a sparse image backup over a network, Super Duper creats a new disk image on the desktop of the G5 that is to be copied instead of to the USB external drive connected to another computer.
I have done this operation with SD successfully with an iBook on the same network which is copied correctly to a FW drive.
I have gone through the steps over and over and each time a new image gets mounted to the desktop and I then stop the backup. The USB drive does work, I made a backup to it from the G5 connected directly to it. It seems like I set it up wrong the first time and now SD cannot "forget" the incorrect information. I'm guessing that there is a file I need to delete so that I can start over but I'm not sure what file to delete.

I have a G5/dual 2.7 running 10.4.8
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