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Question Questions

I had big issues with kernel panics which I have now come to see were being caused by faulty RAM. I have sent the RAM back to the manufacturer for replacement. I have installed all sorts of software to try out and figure out what I like on the Mac vs PC. Now I have a good list of what I want. It seems that my Mac is running much slower than when it was new, even with 512 Mb Ram vs the 2 Gb. I have run Disk Utilities. TechTool Deluxe, Applejack, reset PRAM, reset several other things (I can't remember what they were) with Apple tech support. So I have read that maybe a fresh install will help.

Question two. Yes I can boot from the backup. I actually had to as I got to a point where the Mac wouldn't get past the Starting OS X screen. So I restored from the bootable image.
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